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Sell Your Design

Selling your products on Sell Your Design. No upfront costs, you are in complete control!


Open your own online shop

Are you a graphic designer, illustrator or a photographer? Would you like to earn money from doing what you already love to do? Sell your design is a free online marketplace where you can upload your own artwork to products to be sold worldwide. Choose from a range products of your choice, make them look the way you like, and publish them at a store for potential buyers from all over the world.
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How to earn money

It's completely up to you to decide how much you want to sell your product for. Each product you sell will have a base cost, which is the cost it takes to manufacture, pack and deliver your product. You sell your product with a markup price higher than that base cost to earn a profit, the higher your markup price, the more you will earn.
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Here's how it works

You upload your own artwork and designs onto products of your choice, a customer enjoys your design and buys it and we will take care of the transactions of the purchase. We'll print your design and create your product and ship it to your buyer and send you a payment for the profit made. Easy!
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Sell your designs with PrinterStudio


Are there any restrictions on the number of products that I can sell?

No. There are no limits to the number of products you want to have on your store. The more designs and products you create, the bigger your store will be and the more potential you have to earn.

Does it cost me anything to open my own online shop?

No. It's completely free of charge. All we only charge is a 5% handling fee from your product sales earnings and product base price.

How do I create a product with my design?

Putting your design onto a product couldn't be easier with our online builder. Simply upload your image and drag and drop exactly where you want your image to go on the product. On screen instructions will guide you along the way.

Is shipping included?

The customer who placed the order pays for the shipping cost. They choose their preferred shipping method during checkout and our online system will calculate the exact amount. You can see the shipping costs and shipping times here.


Tips to increase sales

Read up on our tips on how to improve awareness and increase exposure of your designs to potential buyers to boost your sales performance. Doing these simple things will help ensure you’re getting the most out of your uploaded designs.